The Viking Oils brand was born to take advantage of Shadow Works packaging acumen.   As Shadow Works packaged lubricants for major tool suppliers, designed to be shipped with their new tooling, we learned much about lubricants and packaging. 

The initial Viking lubricant offering is designed to be optimal for firearm and sporting goods maintenance and exceeds requirements for most general purpose home lubrication.   The packaging solutions were designed to provide the user with convenient no leak needle applicator low density plastic bottles designed for the E-Cigarette industry.  Smaller bottles will fit into modern design firearm grip and stock compartments.  The multiple bottle packaging offers an economy of effort that allows for competitive pricing and value.  Below is a synopsis of lubricant and packaging attributes. 

At this time, Viking Oils are only offered to wholesale distributors.

Premium Quality Low Viscosity oil with liquid soluble Molybdenum to plate bearing surfaces with a long lasting solid lubricant film that reduces friction.  The oil is rated at ISO Viscosity Grade 10 and is lighter than SEA-5 weight, appropriate for air tool spindles, fine firearms, fishing reels, sewing machines, hair clippers and other fine mechanisms.  The bottle is designed with a needle applicator, leak resistant and child proof cap.  These features allow for easy transport in your kit and ease of application to your fine equipment.  The convenient double tap oil pack does not allow for fail excuses, since it is now part of your personal kit.  Congratulations on your choice to prepare for tomorrow and live another day.

This oil has some rust inhibiting characteristics, but is specifically designed to function well in high speed spindle bearings, over large temperature range, while subjected to high shock loads and occasional overloading.  Designed for close tolerance bearings, this light oil with additives mitigates boundary lubrication issues.  The oil migrates to bearing surfaces and remains effective by plating the bearing surfaces with Molybdenum.  Technical description is solvent refined from hydro-finished paraffin base oils, with multi-function anti-wear, rust and oxidation inhibitor additives, sulfurized oxymolybdenum  organophosphorodithiolate.  The oil is manufactured to ISO 9001 standards in America.  The Safety Data Sheet conforming to US HazCom 2012 describing the product is posted on the Shadow Works web site and questions related to use and distribution may be sent to   Viking oils are an American made premium product, packaged in Spokane, Washington.  Shadow Works LLC is owned and operated by a Retired Marine Corps Combat Veteran who carries a concealed handgun lubricated with Viking oils.