As MK Diamond perfected their line of lapidary equipment, masonry and tile saws, MK Diamond management recognized that offering branded lubricants with new tooling helped to make a better connection with their customers.  The packaging also offered convenience, advertising, and warranty insurance in leak proof needle applicator bottles optimized for each application

Problem: Customers were not lubricating the new equipment properly.   Problem: Lubricants packed with new tooling leaked, ruining packaging and creating additional expense.  Problem: Lubricants used in the past were not optimized for intended purpose.  Problem: How to increase revenues with more on line store sales and advertising. 

Problems Solved:  Leak proof and MK Diamond branded lubricants, optimized for the intended purpose, are packaged with new tooling.  The customer recognizes the value and lubricates the machine reducing warranty issues.  Years later, repeat customer are reminded of superior performance and availability of MK Diamond Products by the lubricant and packaging with web address and reorder information.

Shadow Works' ability to produce small batches of lubricants, just on time while still keeping costs low, has helped MK Diamond realize their goals.  MK Diamond ships new tools, saws and air tools,  with Shadow Works packaged, MK Diamond branded lubricant.