We manufacture Kicking Mule brand soap and offer them at retail.   We manufacture more soap under private labels that are specialty verities for discerning customers.  Some of these varieties include coffee, wine and beer as ingredients dressed in vineyard or brewery labels.  Check the Kicking Mule Soap web site (www.kickingMuleSoap.com) for availability of Kicking Mule brand and private label soap varieties.   They are special and you will be pleased.

Kicking Mule Soap is handmade, one at a time, in our Shadow Works shop, but with a genesis in the machine age.  Each bar is cast, then precision cut and pressed to shape.   Your cold processed bar starts it’s life at over five ounces cut, then cures to a stiff and substantial hunk of Kicking Mule Soap over three or more weeks.

The Kicking Mule Soap mission concept is to make you and yours smile.   The experience is just better with bold design, bold scents and some texture to make your shower an experience.  Friends admit that they look forward to using the soap and that their shower sets the tone for the rest of the day.  Every day should begin with a smile.   

You may eat the natural ingredients used to make Kicking Mule Soap before they are combined with lye in the saponification process to make your soap.  The lye is totally consumed in the cold process chemical reaction, leaving a measured amount of natural oils in the hard bar of soap to moisturize your skin.  The oils of olive, coconut and palm are mixed with essential oils and spice to provide the bold scent, colors and textures sure to please.  The combination provides for quick lather bubbles with just the right amount of exfoliate.  You will be pleased to know that color and texture is all natural, without dyes or chemicals.  Some of our soap that includes peppermint essential oils will provide a slight tingling sensation to signal that you are clean top to bottom.