The Budge Brothers opened their brewery in Spokane in 2010.  When looking for a partner to develop a line of soap based on their home-town brewed beers, the Budge Brothers found that our flexibility and willingness to experiment enabled the development of a hard bar of cold process soap they are proud to put their name on.  Budge had four brews that they were especially proud of.  We used their beer with essential oils, hops flower and spice to make all natural vegan cold process soap that complemented each brew type.  “Hop Train” is ground hops flower, spice and essential oils of pine to complement the hops.  It is all about the hops. “Orangutan” has spices for color and essential oils of grapefruit and clove.  “509” has a pinch of ground hops flower and essential oils of cedar.  “Extra Stout” is for the lovers of dark, with essential oils of orange and anise.